The Covid Bride

2020 has been a strange year for everyone particularly Bride to Be’s

We feel your frustration, Our hearts hurt with yours BUT we are absolutely here for you!! Every single step of the way you Covid brides are like no other you are strong,determined,fierce and on your wedding day you will raise a glass of something fizzy for your day will have arrived and it will be even better than you could have EVER imagined.

I’m Faye and I’m a COVID Bride 😩
Even typing that stills makes me sad!

I’m 30 (spent my 30th birthday celebrating in lockdown another blow for me 🤣) and I have a 4 year old little boy William.
I currently work as an Internal account manager in Essex selling glamours things such as toilet rolls and cleaning chemicals to hotels and restaurants in London and I’ve been at my company for 10 years!

I’ve been with my partner Billy for 8 years now and he proposed on our first family holiday! We had our house, our son, and the next big milestone for us was to get married.

Everything was planned, the dress was a dream, the hen do and stag do had been celebrated and then we were weeks away from getting married… or so we thought.

Lockdown happened on the 23rd March… our wedding day was the 10th April 2020.
We were so close. I was absolutely crushed. All the hard work… the planning every single detail, sleepless nights, bickering with the other half had all been stoped in its tracks.

I sat in my office weeks leading up to lockdown talking (sobbing mainly) to my friends and colleagues saying “I’m not getting married am I” everyone trying to reassure me that it would all be OK.
And then two weeks later, that was it… lockdown was announced, no more wedding.
I couldn’t believe it and it didn’t seem real at the time. There were boxes of decorated jars, centrepieces, signs all over the living room waiting to be used, for them to just be boxed up and put into the loft until we found a new date.
We went on and celebrated the day anyway (fuming as it was BOILING!!!) with socially distanced visits and gifts from our nearest and dearest, champagne, a BBQ and many zoom calls.
I cried a lot but what mattered the most was that we were together, and we were healthy.

We postponed to November 2020… and again, this has also been canceled due to the restrictions.
I’m lucky that my venue have been understanding and have managed to find me another new date next year in May. But I just can’t help but feel a little cheated that the spark has now gone from my wedding. I feel like I don’t have any connection to it anymore. Which kills me because I put so much hard work into making sure it was perfect.

I pray that by May larger numbers are able to attend. Cutting numbers would be a killer for us as we both want to celebrate and share this special day with everyone we possibly can! Right now, the only thing I can do is keep focusing on the big day. Keeping up my exercise and making sure I have a goal… which is to still fit in my dress!

When I was looking for new “save the date” invites I came across a little quote which I ended up using…

“No matter how long it takes, love is worth the wait”

And it is!
27th May 2021… here we come… and I WILL finally be Mrs Watson 💫

Hey 2020 ! 

This was supposed to be MY YEAR !!??!! 

Hi fellow covid brides ☺️  My name is Natalie , a 36 year-old mum and self-employed hairdresser , I was born and raised in Zimbabwe with Northern- Irish parents. I have been living in the UK since 2001. I met my partner  and soulmate James in 2010 and we have an 8 year old son (he’s quite the wee character!)

We had been planning to get married on the 4th of September this year (“about time too”- everyone had  said lol) after 10 (amazing,adventurous, emotional) years together!  We love travel and our first big trip was just over 2 years ago to Vegas and New York , where he proposed!! Literally nothing like the image in my head from romance novels of what it would be , as that day I was grumping at the blisters on my feet and  I hadn’t even run a brush through my hair and he still asked ☺️ thats love right there! 

Initial planning had been to book the venue , sort out who was marrying us and then I started going to wedding fairs and getting arts and  crafty with my save the dates , bouquet and flower rings (with a few YouTube tutorials to help me along the way). That was then! and now I am currently sitting amongst boxes of decorations , wedding robes and bride to be paraphernalia and thinking to myself What’s it all about?!

Do we all put to much pressure on ourselves to conform to what’s out there on social media. There’s so much pressure on us all to have everything perfect in every way  from the build up,  to the hen dos , the whole image , to the wedding  diet (covid lockdown and postponement has alot to answer for! )
We had paid our reception venue for the  100 people we were hoping to have before covid happened. Now we have the added pressure of the social distance list ( basically the list of who you like the most😭as that’s how others will see it ! ) to fit into the 10 -25 people you are allowed to have at said venue.
As a hairdresser looking  through the tainted plastic of the visor I now wear – I have seen first hand the effects on fellow covid brides, the gritted teeth of determination for it to happen  conflicting with the  dejection of having to move their weddings not once but two or three times this year. They sit there quietly contemplating the day to come with all its restrictions and regulations. It is  hard to see other brides like this and try to keep positive vibes going especially as I have had all my clients tortured by all my wedding planning talk for the past 2 years (apologies!).

This covid thing has affected many lives in unthinkable horrendous ways and this year has been like no other we have ever seen . I think what we can all take from this is -don’t sweat the small stuff cause in the end it’s the family and people who are close to you that matter the most !

So as many of us have found, 2020 has not been the year we hoped for. I am Hannah and was meant to be getting married on 30th July this year, but obviously Covid made us rearrange to August 2021. We got engaged in October 2018 and planned for the summer of 2020 to give us time to enjoy being engaged and save for our dream wedding.

What we didn’t realise was how quickly our plans would come crashing down at our feet and now like so many others we have been left feeling anxious about what 2021 will bring, and whether we will come close to having the wedding we have dreamt off. Even things like our honeymoon in September 2021 are in doubt and there is the constant worry of what 2021 will look like.

People we know say they ‘understand how we must feel’ or ‘we will get the day we want’, and I know they mean well, But having your dream day snatched away when we where so close is a feeling that only other Brides and Grooms can really and truly understand, There is the constant lingering doubt in my mind of ‘what if’… what if we still can’t have close to our dream day, what if we can’t be in contact with our family and friends, what if this virus continues to get worse, what if we lose money on our wedding plans changing. There are so many lingering factors that are putting fear into our plans, which take away all the excitement we should be feeling about 2021 when we knowing how easily things could change again, how can we get excited about our hen do and stag dos when we don’t know what they will look like, let alone our wedding day and the people we will be able to share it with?

The only thing I can honestly say I’ve learnt with Covid and lockdown is how much we should appreciate and treasure our relationship. We have realised that being able to get married, whenever that will be, will be the most beautiful thing about all of this, even if it nothing like the day we planned. What matters most is we will become husband and wife, and we will spend the resy of our lives together.

Covid feels like the worst thing in the world somedays, and it is certainly up there, however Covid won’t be like this forever, whereas our relationship has only grown stronger from this. All I would say to fellow brides and grooms is, we will have our special days, and one day this year’s events will feel like a distant memory to us all.

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