Bridal Hair 101

So you have set the date,picked the venue and THE dress has been ordered! Now its all about the hair!! so grab a cuppa get,comfy and let industry Expert Kerry Smith guide you through the DO’S and DONT’S of bridal hair.

Hello you wonderful bride to be’s! My name is Kerry and I am a bridal hair stylist based in South Yorkshire and I’m going to let you in on all the questions that might be running through your head on the run up to your BIG day so all you will have to think about is not to sip on too much prosecco before saying ‘I do!’

1)How am i best to prepare my hair so it looks amazing for my wedding?

Credit hairby_kerry

So, I suggest to my brides Do NOT get a haircut right before your wedding! Or any other drastic changes the week before your wedding, hair always looks best when it has had that little bit of time to ​settle in.​Your bridal hairstylist will be on hand on the day and will trim any little face framing hair to suit your hairstyle on the day.However, do still get a normal trim to ensure healthy looking locks and a fresh colour a couple of weeks before. Now is a good time to treat yourself and invest in a nourishing hair shampoo and mask combo for ultimate shine!

2)How on earth am I supposed to decide on what hair style to have?

Are you scrolling through Pinterest all night and feel like your still in a constant battle of whether to have your hair in a half up half down style? Or maybe a soft glam wave or even a romantic bun hairstyle has crossed your mind and now your completely overwhelmed! If this sounds like you here is a list of things you should think about:

● Whats your dress like – you want a hairstyle to compliment your dress not compete with it. For example if your dress has a beautiful backless design opt for a soft romantic bun with loose tendrils to frame the face and show off that dress!

●Weather – although this is an unpredictable one, it is something that should sometimes be considered! For example if your hair is susceptible to going a bit frizzy in a humid climate consider a updo so you dont need to worry about your curls dropping or falling out.

●The most important one for me is ​How do you feel most comfortable wearing your hair? ​ The reason why this is my favourite question to ask is because it could be the most beautiful hair style in the world, however if you feel uncomfortable with wearing your hair up/down because you never wear it like that you are likely not going to be able to feel fully comfortable with your hair like that. If you feel happy,beautiful and comfortable with your everyday hairstyle, there is no reason your bridal stylist can’t jazz it up a little, sometimes YOU are the hairstyle!

3)Do I need a bridal hair trial?

Ok, here is the biggie and this will vary from stylist to stylist, but for any of my brides the answer is YES you do! The reason why is because I want you to be able to enjoy your wedding morning with your bridal party knowing that you have had your trial and loved it and I’m not having to interrupt asking styling questions which we would have gone through on your trial if you had had one. A trial will give you the opportunity to find out if a style is achievable for your hair and create a style that is truly personalised to you.

4)So, how do I prepare myself for a trial?

I advise all of my bridal clients to prepare around 3 hair references that they like the look of, Images are the best form of communication when it comes to hairstyles.Your stylist will then break down all the images with you and pin point what it truly is that you like within the hair styles. I advise to choose images similar to your hair colour as this can really make a difference to the end result (lighter hair shows texture a lot more whereas darker hair shows shine a lot more). Turn up to the trial appointment with makeup done and in a white/neutral top (no t-shirts) as this is something similar to your wedding dress so will give you the closest feel as to how you would look on the day. And if you are super organised and already have a veil/accessories in mind bring them along too!

5)How do i know what to accessories with?

credit @hairby_kerry

So this is always a bit of a dilemma with bride to be’s! Sometimes they pick their hair accessories before they even know what they would like to wear their hair on the wedding day and it often doesn’t compliment the style what so ever. Or it may have slipped their mind with the gazillion other bits of planning that is needed for their big day! I am lucky enough to be a brand ambassador for Sarah Vuong who has an incredible bridal accessory and jewellery range which I can have available throughout their bridal hair trial appointment so we can plan and discuss what would compliment the chosen style best. This then gives them the perfect chance to see what works best for them without committing to purchase something before they have even thought about or tried out the hair style.And lastly I would say, search around for a bridal stylist that truly represents your style, If you are a Boho bride search for somebody who’s hairstyles cry out​ Boho​ with a tousled, textured effortless look. At the same time if you are more of a classic,elegant bride find a stylist who focuses on the clean polished look.

@hairby_kerry for bridal hair inspiration

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